WELCOME TO STRONG ARM - Gas Charged Lift Supports!

Lift supports (also known as struts and gas springs) have an average life of five years. By that time they may work reasonably well one day and not at all the next. When they start to fail there is the danger of serious injury if the lift will not open or if it slams shut when in the open or up position. Not to mention the strain to lift a hatch or bonnet that’s lost gas pressure.

StrongArm lift replacement gas lift supports are easy to fit with the use of simple hand tools and restore peace of mind and personal safety within minutes. All products used in the correct application are covered by warranty for 12 months from installation.

StrongArm lift supports are a high quality product designed and engineered in the U.S.A. by AVM Industries Inc. and represented and supported in Australia by Brandlines Pty Ltd. The product is available through many spare parts stores throughout the country and on a wholesale distribution basis in every state of Australia.