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Strongarm Lift Supports (also known as struts or gas springs) are the ideal solution for lifting, lowering and counterbalancing weight in a vast range of applications such as canopies, caravans, boat hatches, tradesmen’s tool boxes and many others.

If replacing existing units, carefully check the extended and compressed lengths of the old supports as well as the Newtons pressure usually stamped with “N” prefix (i.e.N175).

Select a replacement from the chart below, matching all specifications as closely as possible.

If installing Lift Supports for the first time, it is important to understand that a Lift Support is as good as the amount of gas that has been charged into it to lift a given weight at its mounting point.

Therefore, should you want to lift any kind of lid with a lift support, you should weigh the lid while hinged at the point where the Strongarm is to be fitted to the lid. A spring scale should be used for this purpose. The fitting point on the lid will also determine the extended and compressed lengths of the lift supports.

If the lid, for example, weighs 45kg, then a Strongarm with 500N force is required (1kg = 10N plus 10%). If you intend to use two Strongarms (one on each side), then in this case, each should have 250N force.

The above is only a guide, for a more accurate method of calculating the force, consult the manufacturer of the lid, canopy or any object requiring a lift support.

IMPORTANT – Universal Lift Supports are not application specific and should be used only when the design/application is known.