Hardened Chromium Plated Steel Shaft for superior corrosion resistance and leak free sealing
Metallic Upper Bushing provides exact fit with piston rod to promote longer operating life
Teflon Back-Up Ring enhances oil and gas pressure sealing
Rubber O-Ring Piston Seal the most effective type of hydraulic seal helps prevent fluid leakage around the piston
Self Cleaning Piston Assembly automatically opens to keep orifice clean of fluid contaminants
Patented Temperature Compensation Module Valve for consistent operation even in extreme weather conditions
Heavy Gauge Steel Body electrostatically painted and heat cured
Great Support Comes From A Strong Foundation

StrongArm gas springs use a patented triple-lobe piston rod seal designed to prevent gas leakage and to extend product life. Designed to exceed industry standards, StrongArm can be pressurised with nitrogen gas up to 563 N (2,500 PSI). Most applications require only 338 N (1,500 PSI). StrongArm gas springs are also designed to operate in temperatures extremes ranging from -40°C to 80°C.

The Original and no.1 USA Seller

Gas springs are energy storage devices that create energy by compressing gas inside a cylinder. When closed, the energy is stored. When opened, the energy is released to raise bonnets, boots, hatches or tailgates and to hold them safely in the open position.

To ensure safe and effective operation, StrongArm Gas Springs are custom engineered for each specific vehicle application. No modification or adaptation

Individually Tested for Performance and Reliability

StrongArm gas springs are continually monitored during the assembly process to verify the correct pressure for each unit. After assembly, each gas spring is tested in four different positions during compression and extension to measure speed and force. Each lift is then subjected to two overload tests to assure structural integrity and safety.